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  • A morning chalk-full of rich learning experiences and fun celebrating the largest Street-Painting Festival in the United States! 
With more than 600 artists of all ages, we’re proud to not only support the arts, but also share our love of art with our community. 
Congratulations to all the #ChalkStars, especially to our students and fabulous Art educator, Mrs. Schullstrom whose passion and spirit inspires us all to be fearlessly-authentic creators! 🎨 #ArtsEducation #ArtsEd #ArtEd #uniquelyGreene #CreativeProcess #SocialLearning #ThoughtfulReflection #Collaboration #GrowthMindset #SouthFlorida
  • In celebration of #RandomActsOfKindnessWeek, it warms our hearts to share the kind act demonstrated by Seventh Grade student, Coral C., who made a donation to Locks of Love to support children in need. #LocksOfLove #kindness #proudcommunity
  • This morning, we were treated to a visit from our nation's former presidents. 
Over the past three weeks, students in First Grade researched our nation's presidents, and created informative visuals to highlight all they learned. Students then enjoyed incorporating their unique personalities as they brought our former presidents to life in their fun-fact presentations! #PresidentsDay #FunFriday #VIsualStorytelling #GrowingTogether
  • Fourth Grade Drama students isolated the body portion of their actors toolbox and created Expectation vs. Reality tableaux. 
Students used a green screen to add special effects and bring their stories to life! Through this process, they took ownership of their own green-screen editing, shared constructive feedback with their peers, and demonstrated the power of visual storytelling. #ExpectationVSReality #VisualStorytelling #Drama #GreenScreen #Fun #ActorsToolbox #Collaboration #SocialLearning
  • Congratulations to the TGS robotics team for their accomplishments at the South Florida Regional Tournament this past weekend!

The team received a First-Place Core Values award in inspiration and achieved one of the highest robot performance scores, whilst earning a perfect score technical design and a near-perfect score in science and core values. They also received a nomination to represent the South Florida region at the Florida State Championship (top 40 teams out of 900+ in the state). This regional tournament brought together the top 40 teams in the South Florida Region (out of 160+). #southflorida #robotics #firstlegoleague
  • Happy #randomactsofkindness week!